Breast Cancer, Colon Cancer and Moringa

A new research conducted on breast cancer and colon cancer. The study examined extracts of Moringa leaves , Moringa seeds and Moringa tree bark in laboratory conditions facing breast cancer cells and colon cancer cells. Extracts of leaves and bark have shown impressive anti-cancer qualities. Seed extracts showed low potential in this matter. Survival of cancer cells was significantly lower in both cell lines when treated with the leaves and tree bark extracts.

In addition, an impressive reduction (70 to 90 percent) in cell construction colony and cell motility. Impressive increase the quantity of apoptotic cells was diagnosed (Directed cell death in advance). Analysis of extracts found many compounds known as anti-cancer properties.

The results indicate anti-cancer properties attributable to Moringa bioactive compounds present in this plant extract.

The current study joins the latest anti-cancer research conducted to date: lung cancer and pancreatic cancer (Tel-Aviv Medical Center conducted a study using powdered extract of Moringa Arava).

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Important note: tree bark Moringa is not being used due to the fact that contain toxic and its use is possible only through the extraction studies.

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