7 Reasons why you should consume Moringa

Moringa is a medicinal plant originated from India. Moringa grows in Israel at Ein Tamar by the Dead Sea. The salted and mineral-rich soil gives Moringa great nutritional values. Here are seven good reasons why you should consume the Moringa plant:

Reason no.1

Moringa leaves powder lead to lower sugar (type 2), lower cholesterol and lower triglycerides. All this in a clinical study conducted in India. Research link

The study found that patient's average results of overall cholesterol dropped from 261 to 224, Average sugar dropped from 162 to 117 and the average triglitzrigdim dropped from 130 to 112.

Reason no.2

Moringa seed powder reduces asthma attacks and increases lung capacity. Read this clinical study

Reason no.3

Moringa leaf powder increases milk in nursing mothers. This clinical study and an article by lactation consultant Vered Lev. The article was written as part of the Israeli Association of Certified Lactation Consultants.

Reason no.4

Moringa leaves powder helps balance thyroid. According to a study done on animals.

Reason no.5

Moringa is very effective against autoimmune systemic infections. Read research done on mice.

Reason no.6

Moringa is an anti-viral and anti-bacterial. Moringa is used against mononucleosis and against herpes. According to available studies conducted on animals:

Study #1

Study #2

African Moringa leaves powder caregivers against HIV-positive. You can find that tens of thousands of web pages.

Reason no.7

List nutritional values of Moringa leaves no doubt on its effectiveness: read more

And a list of active substances in plant

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